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Google cloud storage gets a boost with managed NAS service

Google Transfer Appliance Film studios and production shops are always looking to render movies and create CGI images faster and more efficiently, Preuss says. Cloud Filestore offers an alternative to using on-premises machines and on-premises files for rendering. “Media and entertainment have a number of distributed workloads. The most common one is render farms, or render workloads,” Preuss says. “You’ve spent several years, let’s say, developing a movie or an animated movie, and the last step is to have a big compute job to either render the animation or render the special effects or do some post processing on the movie. You need to be able to have a number of VMs working on that data to do updates. That’s a very common use case for a managed NFS offering like Cloud Filestore.” Google offers two pricing tiers for Cloud Filestore. The Premium tier is $0.30 per GB per month, and the Standard tier is $0.20 per GB per month (pricing varies slightly in some regions). Cloud Filestore Premium is designed to provide up to 700 MB/s throughput and 30,000 IOPS, regardless of instance capacity. For Standard instances, performance scales with capacity; peak performance is available at 10TB and above. Filestore will release into beta next month.

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