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Here's where Amazon stands in fashion ahead of Prime Day

Amazon Prime Boxes Stacked The goal with Prime Wardrobe is to take any fear out of the idea of buying clothes online — by giving customers the chance to try on different sizes and making sure the returns process is less of a hassle by sending a pre-filled out return label and bag. Some analysts believe that, via Prime Wardrobe, over time Amazon will get better at making artificial intelligence-driven recommendations for apparel. Still, Amazon knows shoppers want to shop their favorite brands outside of Amazon, too. And so the company has been inking deals with retailers like Nike , Calvin Klein and Chico's to sell through its website. The goal is to bring more big names on board over time. Some retailers would prefer not to get involved with Amazon, though. (Some, like Lululemon and Gap Inc ., are going to Alibaba 's T-Mall in China instead.) It's been reported that Amazon tries to push prices lower and lower on products, squeezing margins, once a company begins selling there. But there is also a benefit to working with Amazon — you can try to clean up the third-party marketplace for your brand. Nike, for example, said it signed an agreement with Amazon to try to clean up inventory on, where merchandise was being sold at price points all across the board and from countless sellers. On a recent call with analysts and investors, Nike management said the "partnership is progressing well" with Amazon.

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